Full remote control capability for IC-M506/EURO, IC-M424G/M423G and IC-M400BB

The COMMANDMIC™, HM-195 series is a full remote control microphone for use with the IC-M506,IC-M506EUROIC-M424GIC-M423GIC-M424IC-M423, and IC-M400BBfrom up to 18.3m (60ft) away. All functions of the radio, including distress call, DSC, as well as transmission and reception are available.

New Intuitive User Interface

The new menu system provides easy and intuitive operation. The bottom line of the dot-matrix display shows the software key functions which can be toggled with the left and right buttons. The directional keypad allows you to perform various operations and settings.

Submersible (1m depth for 30 min.)

The COMMANDMIC™, HM-195 series has IPX7 submersible protection to prevent from water intrusion.

Other features

Distress button on back of unit

  • Intercom function with IC-M506/EURO, M424/G or M423/G
  • Up to 18.3m (60.3ft) remote location installation*
    * Two optional OPC-1541 extension cables required.
  • Choose between white or amber backlit LCD, key backlighting variation
  • DSC full control capability
    DSC “Distress” button on back of unit
  • Full dot-matrix LCD
  • 2.0W external speaker terminal
  • AquaQuake™ draining function
  • Available in black or super white


Supplied accessories

Supplied accessories

  • 6.1m (20ft) of cable
  • Mounting base for cable connector
  • Microphone hanger